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Local Authority Car Towing

We offer towing services to local authorities that require assets recovered or vehicles removed from local authority premises such as parks, highways and council property.

The service is ideal for returning council vehicles whether broken down or stolen as well as small plant such as diggers and dump trucks.

We also carry out the recovery or disposal of stolen and dumped cars including burnt out wrecks.

Our service also covers the recovery and removal of cars on council property whether illegally parked or abandoned.

We offer our services on a contract basis as well as on a call out basis.
Emergency Roadside Recovery Berkshire
We operate a local Emergency Roadside Recovery based around a 30 mile radius of Slough. Call now for immediate rescue on 07932 977283
Car Transport Berkshire
We offer a general car shipping service catering to transport of classics, MOT failures and otherwise un-roadworthy vehicles.
Nationwide Auto Recovery Berkshire
We offer a full nationwide service on request, ideal for Slough or local residents stuck in places like Liverpool or Penzance.

Breakdown Recovery Areas Served
CALL NOW ON 07932 977283